More Japanese Imports!

We service, repair and MOT all Japanese vehicles, including Honda, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and more! This includes everything from servicing, brakes and tyres to air conditioning, cambelts and cylinder heads. Contact us for all your Japanese servicing and repairs.

A few quick tips for Japanese cars.

How to check Nissan Largo oil level.
The Largo oil dipstick is under the passenger seat.Undo the 2 clips that hold down the seat. Tip the seat back.There's a wing nut under the front section of carpet. Undo this and slide the panel out. The yellow dipstick is towards the front. The black oil filler cap is higher up, at the back of the opening. Remove this to top up the oil.


How overdrive works on a Toyota Estima.

Overdrive Light on = Overdrive off.

Overdrive light off = Overdrive on.

When overdrive is on, the engine will produce less revs and may save fuel.


How to check oil level on a Toyota Estima.

The oil dipstick is under the passenger seat: Tip the seat back, open the inspection hatch. The dip stick has a red & white top. Oil level can be checked at operating temperature with gear selector in ‘park’ position.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser servicing and repairs We service Toyota Land Cruiser

I had a 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser for many years. I used it mainly for towing. I eventually sold it to a Recovery Firm.

I enjoy the challenge of keeping older vehicles roadworthy.

The Toyota's reliability when tested in the Australian Outback has helped its popularity.







Mazda MX5 & Eunos Roadster

Mazda MX5, Eunos Roadster servicing We service Mazda MX5 & Eunos

We also service and repair the Eunos Roadster and Mazda MX5.


The Eunos Roadster is a basically the same vehicle as the Mazda MX5. The Eunos is imported to the UK from Japan, by independent importers, not main dealers.

The models have an interesting history.

Mk1 models were built from 1989 - 1998 and have distinctive pop-up headlights.

The Mk2 models were built from 1998 - 2000 and had fixed headlights.

In 2000 it was given a facelift, had fog lights in the lower bumper, and transformed into the Mk2.5.

In 2005, the Mk3 was produced, with a 1.8 or a 2.0 litre engine option.

The face lifted MK3.5 appeared in 2009.

And in 2011, Mazda Japan announced that 900,000 MX5’s had rolled off its production line! 

As far as I know, it's the world’s best-selling sports car.


Phone, text or email to book your Eunos Roadster or MX5 service or repair.

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Covid safety continues

1. If you have any symptoms, please rearrange. 

2. Wear a mask and keep a 2m+ distance.

3. Only 1 person in office.

4. Leave car windows open, to clear air. 

5. I will sanitise your keys and the areas of your car that I work on.

6. I'm next to NT Saltram House, where you can walk, or sit and enjoy the views.

7. Payment by debit card preferred.

8.Contact free, 24hr drop off and collection can be arranged, at your own risk.


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