Undersealing & Welding in Plymouth, Devon

Underseal Rust Proofing in Plymouth

Although nothing can completely prevent rust, we can underseal your car at our Plymouth garage, to slow down rust corrosion.

Waxoyl underseal helps to preserve the condition of your vehicle.

It can be re-applied after several years, or as often as needed.


We clean the underside of your vehicle, using high pressure sprays, to remove dirt and loose rust. The vehicle is then allowed to dry. 

We wire brush where necessary to further remove flaking rust.


Rust prevention treatments are applied under pressure.

Treatments can be injected into body panels. 


Not everybody wants, or can afford, a high-cost treatment.

So our treatment options are tailored to suit your needs.


Our price starts from £99+vat for underside only.


Vehicles are best left with us for one full working day, and then overnight, to allow the waxoyl treatment to harden, and smell to disperse.

If this is not possible, customers can choose to collect their vehicle as late as possible, on the same day.

Welding Repairs in Plymouth

We carry out welding repairs to cars and vans at our Plymouth garage.

If the underbody of a car or van is rusted and corroded, it can weaken the structure of the vehicle. It may fail an MOT.

We assess the welding repairs needed and advise you on this.

We use the appropriate gauge steel sheet, custom or pre-fabricated repair parts to weld high quality repairs. 


We can then underseal to prolong the life of your vehicle. 


Contact us to discuss car or van welding repairs in Plymouth.

We weld cars and vans We weld cars and vans

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Welding and undersealing.

Has your car or van failed the MOT due to corrosion?

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