Car air conditioning service and repair.

We regas, service and repair car air conditioning in Plymouth.

The air conditioning system in your car helps to keep you cool in summer
and will de-mist your car in winter.

As standard, we evacuate the old aircon gas and oil, then leak test the system. It it is not leaking, we refill it with fresh refrigerant gas and PAG oil. The oil is important, it lubricates the aircon system. If the air conditioning system is leaking, we can repair the leak.

We also have anti-bacterial cleaner to clear smelly air conditioning.

Contact us to book car or van air conditioning re-gas service or repair.

Vehicle air conditioning faults

A number of factors affect the performance of a vehicles air conditioning system.

  • Low refrigerant (gas) can mean the aircon system will not switch on or cool efficiently.
  • A dirty and clogged condenser or heat exchanger will restrict air flow and cooling efficiency of the air conditioning.
  • A condenser cooling fan that's not working properly will affect air con performance.
  • Deposits from a corroded air conditioning system may block tubes or valves, affecting performance. This has the potential for serious damage, should a blockage prevent lubricating oils from circulating.
  • Leaks in the aircon system will not only allow gas to escape, but can also allow air and moisture into the system. Failure to vacuum purge the air conditioning system prior to a refrigerant re-charge (regas) can have the same effect.
  • Moisture in the system could freeze and cause a blockage.
  • Other problems including wear of the metering valve, switches, compressor or compressor clutch can affect operation.
  • Bacteria can make air conditioning smell bad! The system will need a de-bug to remove bacteria. It may also benefit from cleaning other parts.

Regular servicing can maintain the system, and we are qualified to do this.


Phone, Text or email to book an air conditioning regas, recharge, refill, leak test, service or repair for your car or van. 

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