Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Tyres

Brakes, steering, suspension and tyres are major safety components.


They all fail eventually due to wear and tear. The failure of one part can affect the performance of another.


Regular inspection and repair when needed will help keep your vehicle safer to drive. 


I can adjust or renew all parts of disc or drum brakes, including brake pads, shoes, brake discs and brake pistons.


From worn pads to warped discs, or stuck brake calipers and leaking brake hoses, I can check and replace or repair all brake systems. 


Please get in touch to arrange brake repairs in Plymouth.


Depending on the age of the vehicle, a steering system can comprise of the steering wheel, shaft, box, steering rack, linkage, pinion, tie rods, steering shaft, bearings and wheels.


Faults are obvious when the steering is hard to turn, shakes or makes unusual noises; squeaking, whirring or grunts. You may notice fluid leaks and stains.


I can inspect, repair or replace all steering system components.


Please get in touch to arrange steering repair in Plymouth.


Suspension systems vary and can include shock absorbers, struts, coil springs, leaf springs, dampers, anti-roll bars, axles, diffs, control arms and wishbones.


They combine to support the vehicle weight, maintain ride height and absorb bumps in the road.


If faults develop, you may notice the vehicle nose dipping when braking, or excessive bouncing when going over bumps. Or the vehicle may lean to one side or no longer drive smoothly. 


Please get in touch to arrange suspension repair in Plymouth.


Tyres keep your vehicle in contact with the road and provide grip, to make driving safer.


If faults develop, you may notice an uneven pattern of wear, a bald spot on the tyre tread or a bulge in the tyre wall.


I can supply, fit and balance new tyres, offering the good quality at a price to suit you. This includes winter tyres, but I don’t repair punctures and don’t supply used tyres.


Because I am a sole trader and not part of a multi-national chain, I prefer to fit tyres (when needed) as part of other work such as repairs or servicing. 


Please get in touch to arrange tyre fitting with repairs or servicing in Plymouth.

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Terms and Conditions

Vehicles, keys and contents left at owners risk. Please read this link for full details.

Coronavirus Covid-19

It's a worrying time for everyone. I will follow guidelines, to help to keep my customers safe. This includes disinfecting door handles, card machine, car keys, steering wheel, etc. Please read the following:

❗️ If you (or anyone you have been in contact with) has travelled abroad within the last two weeks, please contact me to rearrange your appointment.

❗️If you have any of the symptoms, no matter how mild, please contact me to rearrange your booking. If you arrive with symptoms, you will be turned away, to protect everyone I am in contact with.

❗️You should sanitise your hands before entering my office

❗️I will only accept payment by card, to minimise risk.

❗️ Please maintain a 2 metre or more distance from each other while here.

❗️ Please do not wait here while I work on your vehicle. I will phone you when it's ready to collect. I am next to NT Saltram House, where you can walk or sit and enjoy the views.

❗️ You can also arrange for your vehicle to be dropped here and collected, when I am closed, at your own risk. Payment will be taken by phone.

I will remain open until I am advised to close. Take care everyone.


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