Servicing, Repairs & MOT at my Plymouth garage

PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Thanks to all my customers for your support. I recommend PGS (Plymouth Garage Services) or Mayflower Auto Services, both in Cattedown, Plymouth. These are my personal recommendations, based on many years of knowing them and how they treat their customers.

Established in 2003, I am recognised as a small but highly reputable garage in Plymouth, and have great customer feedback.

I offer a range of servicing and repairs for many makes of cars and small vans.

Need a service, MOT or repair but can't get to me in normal working hours?

No problem! I offer 24 hours drop off and pick up. Click for details. 

Car servicing, car service, Plymouth Car service in Plymouth

I follow a professional code of conduct.


A car or van service from £65!

  • I let you know exactly what work has been done.
  • I don't do anything you haven't agreed to.
  • Professional workmanship and parts.
  • Replaced parts are available for inspection.
  • I can stamp your Service book.

Click here for more servicing information.


Phone, text or email to book a service.

Car repairs in Plymouth Car & van repairs

Professional car repairs.


I am qualified to carry out all car repairs, van repairs and MOT repairs.

I use quality parts. All the old parts are available for your inspection.  

Phone, text or email to book a car repair at my Plymouth garage.

I can arrange your MOT!

Leave your car or van with me and I will take it to the MOT.


I'll contact you if MOT repairs are needed. 

I use quality parts for a high standard of repair.

I can also do most welding repairs.


A free re-test when repairs are completed and the re-test is done within 10 days of the original MOT test.


Never forget your MOT date again. Sign up for the free reminder service direct from DVLA. MOT reminder service. 


Phone, text or email to book an MOT at my Plymouth garage.

air conditioning servicing regas plymouth Air Conditioning

I regas car air conditioning.

My air conditioning service includes
Discharge the existing oil and gas

• Vacuum evacuation and system test
• Air conditioning re-gas and PAG oil.

From £45+vat.


Smelly Air Conditioning?

A bad smell is a sign that the air conditioning system has bacteria and mould inside the system. These can cause allergic type reactions and asthma-like symptoms for vehicle occupants.

My professional treatment will de-odorise and sterilise car air conditioning systems.


I can also change the pollen filter. 


Click here for more information on air conditioning.


Phone, text or email to book an air con regas or service.

Fault code diagnostics, Read fault code, Plymouth Fault code diagnostics

Fault codes are stored on a car when certain problems occur.


I can read the fault code and tell you what it means, using computer aided engine diagnostics.

I can repair the fault.

I can also clear the fault code.


Phone, text or email to book a fault code diagnosis.

Steering rack power steering in Plymouth Power steering rack

PAS should be serviced at regular intervals.

PAS fluid will eventually deteriorate and power steering problems can arise. This can include leaks from the steering rack seals and power steering fluid reservoir. Power steering judder or steering stiffness can develop.


I offer a Power Assisted Steering treatment which can eliminate PAS stiffness, shudder and noise: prevents oil leaks and provide smoother operation of the power steering.

It also maintains optimum performance of the Power steering pump and load bearing parts by stabilising the PAS fluid.


I can also replace  your Power Steering Rack.


Phone, text or email to book Power Steering service or repair.

Undersealing in Plymouth Underseal to help to prevent rust

I underseal cars & vans in Plymouth.


I've undersealed vehicles for over 19 years.

Underseal helps to stop cars rusting.

It helps to preserve the condition of your vehicle.

I use Waxoyl undersealing products.



My price starts from £125+vat for underside only.


Click here for more information about my

undersealing and rustproofing treatments.


Phone, text or email to book an underseal treatment.


Car & van welding in Plymouth Car & van welding repair

If the underbody of your vehicle is rusted and corroded, I can weld it!

I use the appropriate gauge steel sheet or custom and pre-fabricated parts to weld high quality repairs. 

Click here for more information on welding repairs in Plymouth.


Phone, text or email to discuss your welding repairs.

engine flush Plymouth Treatments & flushes

My professional products maintain and treat your engine, transmission and cooling systems.


DPF Diesel Particulate Filter treatment

Engine treatments

Oil flush

Injector cleaning treatment

Automatic transmission treatments

Gearbox oil change

Cooling System flush

Power Steering service


Phone, text or email to book a treatment or flush.

DPF service cleaning Plymouth DPF Diesel Particulate Filter

The DPF is tested during an MOT.

It filters exhaust gases and soot. 

When tested at MOT, if the gas emission levels are high, or the DPF is missing, the vehicle will fail the MOT test.


The DPF needs periodic cleaning.

Over time, particles from the exhaust gases build up in the filter. If it is not cleaned, it will block. 


A blocked or damaged filter can effect fuel economy and engine performance.

The blocked filter will make your vehicle use more fuel. A warning light will illuminate to advise you of the blockage. If the light is ignored, eventually your vehicle will break down.


DPF Cleaning in Plymouth.

I use a DPF Cleaner and Regenerator that can combat this problem.

It uses a catalyst to adhere to the soot particles during combustion, lowering the temperature at which they can be burnt off. This can help to regenerate the filter.

The cleaner is recommended for use at regular service intervals, or can be used when DPF conditions suggest it may help. 


A new Diesel Particulate Filter is expensive, so it can be cost effective to try cleaning it, before buying a new DPF.

I can also fit a new DPF to your vehicle.

However I cannot refurbish the existing Diesel Particulate Filter.


Phone, text or email to book a DPF service or replacement.


CLICK HERE for advice on how to maintain the DPF yourself.

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