I am widely and highly recommended Mazda Bongo garage in Plymouth, Devon.


I've worked daily on Bongos for over 17 years!


I carry out Mazda Bongo Friendee & Ford Freda Inspections, Health Checks and Trip Checks at my garage in Plymouth, Devon. 


Mazda Bongos (and Ford Fredas) were produced from 1995 and even the newest are not that new anymore. As any vehicle ages, parts wear out; nothing lasts forever.


New owners or potential owners are usually aware of the quirky design of this vehicle, and its possible complications.


The problems I see most on Mazda Bongos in my workshop are with the steering, suspension, brakes, under body corrosion, roof operation and cooling system.

The Bongo has a fairly unusual cooling system, which needs regular maintenance. Those left unchecked can suffer split hoses and corroded pipes, with potentially wallet-damaging consequences. A new coolant hose is not expensive; a split coolant hose could easily result in damage to the Bongo's cylinder head or engine and cost in excess of £800. 


The majority of the expensive Bongo cylinder head or engine damage I have seen over the past 17 years could most likely have been prevented by routine care, and by spotting a potential problem before it got worse. Which is easy for me to say, because I’m a Mazda Bongo specialist, and I know what to look for. 


During a Bongo Check and Inspection, I look & listen for problems.


If I find anything wrong with your Bongo, I give you honest advice, whether it is an urgent problem or something that will need attention in the near future.

This is also recorded on the Inspection report.


All the checks are advisory and they don’t guarantee a trouble free Bongo ownership. 


An Inspection can be carried out on all model diesel and petrol Mazda Bongos and Ford Fredas, at my garage in Plymouth, Devon.


I recommend my Bongo inspections for a newly purchased vehicle.

They can also be carried out before you go on holiday or travel far.

They can accompany a Service and be added to the Bongo's Service History.

If your Mazda Bongo is for sale, they can go some way towards reassuring a potential buyer.


You will need to book these Bongo inspections in advance.

EMAIL ON THIS LINK  Or Phone: 01752 403400 Mobile: 07471 002034



Have you just bought a Bongo? Or are you planning a long journey or a holiday in your Bongo or Freda?


I can carry out a Bongo Inspection, where my experienced eyes and ears look and listen, to help to spot common problems. 


This is what I do:

Road test & Audible check



Power steering


Air conditioning

Heater operation

Engine oil

Gearbox fluid

Coolant condition

Coolant system pipes & hoses

Coolant system temperature check

Vacuum hoses



Corrosion check

Fault codes where shown

ATF Roof operation


(This Inspection checks more than the Health Check shown below.)


Please get in touch now to book this Trip Check: £90 including VAT.


Mazda Bongo inspection, Bongo health check Allans Mazda Bongo pick up

1. I start by road testing your Bongo. I’ve driven hundreds of Bongos so know how they should handle and sound. If a Bongo doesn’t feel right, or makes unusual noises, these are good indicators of problems.

2. After road testing, I check for diagnostic fault codes where possible and make a note of any found. As fault codes can still be stored after a fault has been rectified, I then clear the fault codes. If a fault code reappears, this shows that the fault is still present on the Bongo; I will advise you if I think the problem is actually present.

3. Heating system temperature check.

4. Air conditioning operation check.

5. AFT raising roof (where fitted) operation.

6. Vacuum hoses and pipes.

7. Coolant hoses and pipes.

8. Corrosion areas, suspension and the braking system on ramp.


(This Health Check inspects less than the Bongo Inspection shown above.) 


Please get in touch to book this Health Check: £60 including VAT.

Allans Vehicle Services,

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VAT no: 909 7647 80

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I work on my own. If I can't answer right away, please leave a message with your telephone number, so I can return your call.


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If you contact me on Saturday or Sunday, I will respond on Monday.


Open Mon - Fri 8am til late.



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Terms and Conditions

Vehicles, keys and contents left at owners risk. Please read this link for full details.

Covid safety measures

1. If you have any symptoms, please rearrange. 

2. Wear a mask and keep a 2m+ distance.

3. Only 1 person to enter office.

4. Use hand sanitiser supplied.

5. Keys in drop-box at entrance.

6. Leave car doors or windows open, to clear air. 

7. I will sanitise your keys and the areas of your car that I work on.

8. I'm sorry, you can no longer wait in the waiting room. I'm next to NT Saltram House, where you can walk, or sit and enjoy the views.

9. Payment by debit card. No cash accepted.

10.Contact free, 24hr drop off and collection can be arranged, at your own risk. 

 More details on this link.


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