Mazda Bongo garage Plymouth. Servicing, MOT, Repair. Bongo specialist since 2003! 

 After 20 years as a Mazda Bongo specialist, I've decided to close.

I thank you all for your support and friendship.

I recommend PGS (Plymouth Garage Services) or Mayflower Auto Services

for Mazda Bongo repairs and servicing.

These are personal recommendations, based on many years of knowing them and how they treat their customers.

They don't frequently post on Facebook about how good they are or how many Bongos they've got in this week... but they know Bongos well and are friendly, professional garages. 

My Mazda Bongo specialist garage in Plymouth is widely recommended.


Servicing, MOT, mechanical repairs for

Mazda Bongo in Plymouth, Devon.


Diagnose Mazda Bongo fault codes.


Bongo undersealing and welding.


Leisure battery and split charger installation.


Contact me for anything and everything your Bongo or Freda needs!

I have a 24 hour drop-off system! Click for details.


Join hundreds of satisfied owners ~ Phone, Text or email to book with us.

Bongo Servicing in Plymouth, Devon

Mazda Bongo servicing Plymouth Mazda Bongo servicing Plymouth

Professional servicing


  • Service checklist.
  • Professional workmanship
  • Quality parts.
  • Replaced parts can be inspected.
  • Stamped Service Record book.


Book a service on your Mazda Bongo by text, phone or email

Bongo Repairs, Plymouth, Devon garage

I made my Mazda Bongo pick-up I made my Bongo pick-up

I've been working on Bongos since 2003 and can carry out all mechanical repairs, MOT, undersealing and inspections.

I use quality parts and the old parts are available for your inspection:  


Please Email or Text: 07471002034 or Phone: 01752 403400 to book your Mazda Bongo or Ford Freda service or other work at our Plymouth garage.

MOT Mazda Bongo in Plymouth, Devon

Free MOT re test


I can arrange your MOT!

Leave your Bongo or Freda with me and I will take it to the MOT test. 


If MOT repairs are needed, I discuss this with you before carrying out work.

I use quality parts for a high standard of repair.

If your Bongo or Freda fails the MOT due to 'excessive corrosion', I can carry out most welding repairs.


Phone, text or email to book a Bongo or Freda MOT at my Plymouth garage.

Bongo Fault Code Diagnostics in Plymouth, Devon

Mazda Bongo & Freda fault codes read Bongo & Freda fault code diagnostic

Mazda Bongo fault codes 

  • I diagnose Bongo fault codes 
  • Computer aided diagnostics.
  • Faults repaired.
  • Fault code cleared.

Phone, text or email to book Bongo fault code diagnostics in Plymouth.

Who are my customers?

My Mazda Bongo customers come to me from all parts of the UK. I've known some for so long, they're now friends.


A few come annually, for a holiday in Devon or Cornwall, and have their Bongo or Freda serviced and repaired while here.


My customers kindly recommend me to other Bongo owners and I work hard to maintain my good reputation. 

What to do while I service your Mazda Bongo in my Plymouth, Devon garage

Whether you're dropping your Bongo in for a service, or travelling from further afield and staying a while, there's plenty to do in and around Plymouth!

Read all about what to do in and around Plymouth on this link.

Allans Vehicle Services,

Wixenford Depot, Plymstock, Plymouth, Devon,

PL9 8AA.

VAT no: 909 7647 80



Tel: 01752 403400

Mob: 07471 002034

Text: 07471 002034


I work on my own. If I can't answer right away, please leave a message & your number. I'll call you back.


Email: hello@


Open Mon - Fri 8am til late.



Allans Vehicle Services

Wixenford Depot

Colesdown Hill





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NOW CLOSED after 20 years servicing Bongos & cars in Plymouth, Devon! Click for more details.


Bongo Mazda inspection, Plymouth, Devon


Servicing cars in Plymouth, Devon

FSB member

Member of FSB link Click to see FSB details
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